LED Magnetic Troffer Retrofit Kit

The LED strips and the driver are magnetic backed, with screw mount option. They literally attach themselves to the troffer/striplight body in seconds and become a physical and thermal part of the fixture, truly making the fixture an LED luminaire. The entire body of the luminaire becomes the heat sink for the strips,
making them operate at an amazing 36C-42C, which dramatically extends their lifespan and efficiency, ease of install, incredible performance and extremely low cost, the RKT series retrofit kits are head and shoulder above the competition in every way.

Available in 2’X4′” I’X 4′ and 2’X2′ variants.


  • Description: LED ceiling troffer retrofit kit, w/magnetic LED strips and driver
  • Applications: Retrofit 2′ x 2′ and 2′ x 4′ “troffer” and  channel style fixtures
  • Rating : Rated over 100,000 hours
  • Voltage : 90-277v, 50-60Hz
  • Luminous Efficiency : 112-132 lm/w
  • Power Factor : Up to .998
  • Standard CCT* : (30) 3000K, (40) 4000K, (50) 5000K.
    3500K &5500K Temperature available by special order (750 kits minimum)
    *Note 5500K is rated DLC for warehouse/plant only (not for office space)
  • Power Supplied : Quick-connect, remote driver
  • CRI (RA) : 84 nominal, up to 95 CRI
  • Mounting Method : Magnetic, quick-connect
  • Beam Angle : 140º
  • Warranty: 5 years

Additional information

Boards now come with (2) screw holes, (2) #8 screws and grommets if mechanical attachment is necessary. Sticker included in the driver box to be placed on fixture after retrofitting.

Technical Specifications: Voltage 100-300VAC

Prod-codeWattageLED StripsLumenFits FixtureDLC
RKT1209M-(30/40/50)10 Watt1 x 21"Up to 15252' x 4' TrofferPending
RKT2209M-(30/40/50)20 Watt2 x 21"Up to 30502' x 4' TrofferYes
RKT1418M-(30/40/50)20 Watt1 x 42"Up to 30502' x 4' TrofferYes
RKT3415M-(30/40/50)30 Watt2 x 42"Up to 44502' x 4' TrofferYes
RKT2418M-(30/40/50)40 Watt2 x 42"Up to 57502' x 4' TrofferYes