Wall Pack


  • Beam Angle : 120 degrees
  • Aluminum fins heat sinks is good for heat dissipation
  • It’s major to replace the conventional wall pack light
  • Green, energy saving, long and reliable life of 50,000 hours
  • No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation, no mercury pollution
  • Wide colour availability in degrees Kelvin(K) 3000K, 5000K (DLC)
  • Streamline exterior design, beautiful appearance
  • Environment friendly, energy saving (70-80%)
  • Special circuit design, each LED work separately, avoiding the single broken LED influence problem

Technical Specifications:

Part numberVoltage InputPower WattsColor TemperatureLumen outputProduct size (MM) L x W x HType
SL-BL-WP03A-18W100-277VAC18W3000K/5000K1980232 x 76 x 104Door light
SL-BL-WP03A-26W100-277VAC26W3000K/5000K2860232 x 76 x 104Door light
SL-BL-WP03B-48W100-277VAC48W3000K/5000K5280360 x 235 x 190Standard
SL-BL-WP03B-60W100-277VAC60W3000K/5000K6600360 x 235 x 190Standard
SL-BL-WP03B-80W100-277VAC80W3000K/5000K8800360 x 235 x 190Standard
SL-BL-WP03B-90W100-277VAC90W 3000K/5000K9700460 x 248 x 222Large Size
SL-BL-WP03B-100W100-277VAC100W3000K/5000K11000360 x 235 x 190Standard
SL-BL-WP03B-130W100-277VAC130W3000K/5000K14300460 x 248 x 222Large Size
SL-BL-WP03C-60W100-277VAC60W3000K/5000K6600460 x 248 x 275Full Cutoff (A)
SL-BL-WP03C-90W100-277VAC90W3000K/5000K9900460 x 248 x 275Full Cutoff (A)
SL-BL-WP03C-130W100-277VAC130W3000K/5000K14300460 x 248 x 275Full Cutoff (A)
SL-BL-WP03D-20W100-277VAC20W3000K/5000K2200200 x 168 x 110Full Cutoff (B)
SL-BL-WP03D-30W100-277VAC30W3000K/5000K3300200 x 168 x 110Full Cutoff (B)
SL-BL-WP03D-60W100-277VAC60W3000K/5000K6600280 x 240 x 160Full Cutoff (C)
SL-BL-WP03D-80W100-277VAC80W3000K/5000K8800280 x 240 x 160Full Cutoff (C)

Cuttoff Shield

WP03A                                WP03C

WP03B                               WP03D